Welcome to AD

AD is a Human Resources Consultants created in 1994 by professionals experienced in recruitment and staff assessment services.

At first AD had the simple but very clear aim of making company recruitment processes faster and more efficient and making better person-job decisions.

Gradually we worked to achieve a company culture which was shared by the whole team: simplicity, usefulness, flexibility and, above all, ethically respectful of people and companies, a culture which still drives us today.

Reflecting the rhythm of social, economic and cultural change, AD has modified strategies, incorporating new techniques, adapting operations.

Now, after nearly 15 years, AD is convinced that companies can evolve only if the people who make them work can evolve. Through its different operations, adapted to every client’s needs, AD wants to contribute to this end.

As we have specialized in knowing how and why people work, relate to one another and fight for their professional expectations and dreams, we know the impact on all of this upon organizations and individual work performance.

We are now prepared to contribute on a more strategic and global level thus opening up the opportunities and multiplying the effects of our work, our mission.

We still have to improve and grow, but we are proud of what we have achieved till now.